Itineraries I have Personally Completed


If anyone would like to contribute their own Itinerary, I would love to add information about other itineraries.



Itinerary 5AS – South Country

I am going to give a brief daily description of our Itinerary.  Since most Crews pick Itinerary 5, this might be helpful.


Day 3 – Headquarters to Bonita Cow

We headed out before lunch and had a 10.3 mile ride until we reached Bonita Cow. Crater Lake is on the Itinerary.  We stopped there for lunch.  To our disappointment, we didn’t do program there.  Our horseman said that she had never had a Cavalcade stop to do program at Crater Lake.  There just isn’t any time.  Kiss it goodbye.  It shouldn’t be listed on the itinerary.  By the time we got to Bonita Cow, it was close to 6:00pm.  Bonita Cow is an unstaffed camp.  The horses come first.  After that, we went over bear bags, dining fly setup and putting up our tents.  We didn’t start boiling water until about 8:00pm and didn’t eat until 9:00pm.  We were whooped.  This was our own personal experience.  The make-up of every Cavalcade is different but I would think that you should at least expect a day similar to the long day that we had.


Even though this is an unstaffed camp, there is a latrine at Bonita Cow.  It seemed like it took our Crew an hour to find it, but it is there.  It is not a red roof but an open toilet without any walls around it.  The view was nice but it is a bit awkward with a co-ed Crew.  


Day 4 – Bonita Cow to Beaubien

You have your choice.  You can get up early and hike up to the top of Black Mountain and see the wing of a B-24 that crashed on top of the mountain.  The second option is that you can take a morning ride down to Fish Camp.  One way or another, you return to Bonita Cow, eat lunch, prepare the packhorses and head out to Beaubien.


Day 5 – Beaubien to Clark’s Fork 

We got up at 3:45 am in order to eat, pack and be at the corrals by 4:30am. This is the 18 mile day. We stopped at Cypher’s Mine for lunch.  If they had set aside a 1:00 tour time we could have done program there, but they only had late afternoon tours.  We weren’t able to do any program.  It’s a long day in the saddle and we needed to get going.  For us, it rained the entire day so we were soaking wet when we reached Clark’s Fork


Day 6  - Clark’s Fork 

Lay over day.  There is a day hike to do rock climbing and rappelling.  I am sure it is fun.  Since everywhere was solid mud, we elected to stay at Clarks Fork and dry out.  We really didn’t have the right shoes for slogging through mud. We did some branding, tossed horseshoes and learned roping.  We also had a great time at the campfire.  The campfires at Philmont are a lot of fun if the Crew participates with a lot of clapping, singing and shouting.


Day 7 – Clark’s Fork to Harlan Downs

This was the only camp that we felt like we did program.  We did shotgun and burro racing.  Burro racing is hilarious.


Day 8 – Return to Headquarters and an afternoon of gymkhana


Itinerary 2AN – North Country

Once again, I am going to give a brief daily description of our itinerary.  I hope this is helpful and at least gives you an idea of what to expect even if your Crew is on a different itinerary


Day 3 – Ponil to Pueblano

By the time we got into Pueblano and took care of the horses, it was close to 2:00pm.  We had a late lunch and headed out for program.  Pueblano, the logger camp, has spar pole climbing, logger ball and a campfire at night.  Everyone loved it.


Day 4 – Pueblano to Baldy Town

On the ride from Pueblano to Baldy Town, we were able to stop at French Henry for lunch.  We panned for gold and signed up for the mine tour.  It was a bit of a hike up to the mine and it was well worth it.  The Aztec Mine was fun and interesting.  It is only about an hour ride from French Henry to Baldy Town.   Baldy town has a trading post, a commissary and showers


Day 5 – Layover at Baldy town.

We left early in the morning for the top of Mt. Baldy.  It took about three hours.  We ate lunch and got back down to the camp by 1:00pm.  Everyone then headed to the showers.


Day 6 – Baldy Town to Miranda

Since it is only a 2.4 mile ride downhill to Miranda, we didn’t leave until 8:30am.  It only took an hour to reach Miranda.  We practice cantering in the big meadow in Miranda in order to get the kids ready for Gymkhana.  For kids who never cantered a horse before, it was important for them to get a feel for it.  After taking care of the horses and setting up camp, we did program- tomahawk throwing and black powder rifle shooting.


Day 7 – Miranda to Head of Dean.

We got up early.  It now takes us about 2.5 hours to get the packhorses loaded and our horses saddled.  On the way down to the Head of Dean, we practiced more for Gymkhana in a large meadow.  We practiced cantering in some of the patterns.  The more the kids practice for Gymkhana, the more comfortable they will be when we do Gymkhana on Day 8.  At Head of Dean, the kids did the COPE course, which is always a lot of fun.  The kids also played badminton by the main cabin.


Day 8 – Head of Dean to Ponil

Head back to Ponil.  Lunch and Gymkhana in the afternoon